Weed Thrasher™ Installation Instructions

Always follow your trimmer manufacturer's safety and operating recommendations on how to use and operate your specific lawn trimmer. In the event you are unable to install the Weed Thrasher head, go to your local yard trimmer sales and service location for assistance. Note: For gas powered trimmers only.

Step 1

*Before installation, you will need to remove the red glider cap from the Weed Thrasher (use a screwdriver)

Step 1: Follow your trimmer manufacturer's instructions for removing the existing head/spool from your yard trimmer. The threaded shaft should be exposed. Shaft will either be threaded on the inside or the outside. If the shaft has NO threading, the Weed Thrasher will not install.

Step 2

Left image is a short shaft, right image is a long shaft

Step 2: Locate the correct nut or bolt from the installation kit that fits your trimmer. (Tip: You may be able to use the nut or bolt that was holding on the old head/spool.) You will either need one nut or one bolt. Nuts and bolts install either clockwise or counterclockwise. Do not tighten as nut or bolt will need to be removed from the trimmer for step 3A (short shaft) or 3B (long shaft).

For short shafts, follow 3A, 4A, & 5A

Step 3A

Step 3A: Place nut or bolt into the well of the Weed Thrasher.

Step 4A

Step 4A: Using your thumb, hold nut or bolt firmly in place on the Weed Thrasher head. Slide the head onto the shaft and turn the Weed Thrasher head with nut or bolt together to fasten. Firmly hand-tighten.

Step 5A

Step 5A: Press glider cap firmly into Weed Thrasher head.

For long shafts, follow 3B, 4B, & 5B

Step 3B

Step 3B: Firmly press the sleeve into the well of the Weed Thrasher head.

Step 4B

Step 4B: Place nut or bolt into the sleeve. Slide the Weed Thrasher head, sleeve, and nut or bolt onto the trimmer's shaft. Turn as one unit to fasten onto the trimmer. Firmly hand-tighten.

Step 5B

Step 5B: Press glider cap firmly into Weed Thrasher head.

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